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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Popsicle Sticks, Punch Cards, and Presentations

Well, I've been busy all last week working on my Pinterest projects and our presentations this week at UNA.  I have managed to complete more than three classroom projects *cheers* and prepare for five, YES FIVE, presentations this week (with Shelly's help, of course!!)  I haven't forgotten about my kiddos, though, as we also did some fun projects last week.  We've been busy!  Here's what we've been up to...
Projects for my classroom:  
I can't take credit for these great ideas--you can find links to the original posts HERE.

This is my "Great Readers" mirror...I am going to face this toward my small group table so that students can see themselves as they are back there with me.  Isn't this a fun way to motivate struggling readers?  I think I will probably end up adding some kind of border to it.

Speaking of small group table...I made these pointers out of popsicle sticks for students to use as they follow along while we read, either in small group, OR I made enough to use during whole group, too!  And speaking of popsicle sticks, I made these multiple choice sticks for students to use for quick checks at the small group table.

This project is the one I'm most excited about...my good behavior coupon box!!  I LOVE this and can't wait to use it.  I was tired of buying "treasure chest" stuff for good behavior, and when I saw these coupons for FREE rewards.....I knew I had to have it for my room.  I'm going to couple that with the behavior punch card...each child will get a punch card, and when they receive 10 punches, they can choose a good behavior coupon from the box.  Soooo excited!  

*The link to the free PDFs is here.

I didn't get to the painted foam mat last week because I couldn't find one that was as thick as I wanted.  I'm moving that project to my to-do list for this week.  :(

Dax has been busy this week, too.  Here he was painting using different toy cars.  See the different patterns that the treads make on the paper?  He thought this was soooo cool!

Okay, these ice cubes were tha bomb!!  I don't know what the obsession was with these, but Dax LOVED them.  They are just ice cubes made from water and a drop of food coloring.  He caught them with his net, he bounced on his trampoline with them, he fished them out of the water with a spoon, he asked to make more.  :)  Easy, but a couple of hours of fun!!

What a busy and fun week!  

This is Shelly and me at UNA working on our presentations.  All of our presentation resources are posted on my blog as well.  Check them out!  :)

What's on the Pinterest list this week, you ask?  Along with the painted foam mat...


Sorry for the long post, but with our presentations, I have been out-of-pocket for a few days!

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